The Life of DJ Spark*

DJ Spark of Spark Entertainment resides in Richmond VA. DJ Spark is  originally from Brooklyn, NY (BedStuy do or die). DJ Spark has lived in Virginia since 2000, and loves the family life here in the South. Music has always played a huge part of his life. DJ Spark listens to all Genres of music, R&B, Rap, Gospel, Old school, New school, Pop, Jazz, Edm, Reggae and the list goes on!

When DJ Spark was 10Yrs Old he started out with one Technique Turntable, Speakers, A small amp and the famous Echo chamber. DJ Spark was the only kid in the neighborhood with that type of Dj equipment at that time. His buddies would come over to practice and some of them became great DJ's (DJ Slice ). DJ Spark didn't pursue being a DJ until Dec, 2012. In 2012 DJ Spark threw a Surprise 40th Birthday party for his wife. He actually heard the DJ play a few times so he hired him. There were people from NY, NJ, NC, SC, VA and MD.The music sucked! That Night DJ Spark vowed to invest in his own DJ equipment and  here we are. 

Dj Spark has a very large variety of music. The majority of his gigs are Cookouts, Birthday parties, Graduation’s, Pool parties, Children parties, Wedding’s, Bowling allies and Corporate events. DJ Spark is a resident DJ for Rugged Maniac LLC a Mark Cuban Company, Little Sisters of the Poor, Malvern Lakes Apartments and Bowl America. If you would like book DJ Spark, Call 804-386-6441 or Email You can also follow the links below.